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Whether you‘re an acute care hospital, long-term facility, or medical clinic, your organization is currently facing more challenges than ever before. Issues such as HCAHPS scores, HAIs, and sky-rocketing costs all make it difficult to survive in the healthcare industry.

Now more than ever, it is essential that you choose a facility supply partner who truly understands the nature of cost, quality, and outcomes of the healthcare business.

At FPC, we understand the challenges that you face. In addition to providing top quality supply and equipment solutions, we can help you implement processes that will improve patient care and control costs throughout your facility.

Our areas of expertise include helping our clients:

•  Contain costs
•  Improve HCAHPS scores
•  Streamline productivity 
•  Reduce HAIs
•  Meet sustainability goals
•  Maintain safe and healthy facilities

How We Do It

We utilize educational and training resources as well as business tools to help you achieve positive outcomes and reduce total costs.
  •  eLev8 - is our online analytical tool that that was developed with the sole purpose of improving your efficiencies
•  and driving costs from your business. Learn more about eLev8 here
  •  Education/Training - Our on-going, professional training curriculum helps ensure cleaner, safer buildings, and
•  leads to a reduction in cleaning costs. Learn more here
  •  E-commerce capabilities - Our online ordering system features built in tools that enable you to maximize
•  budget and inventory control efficiencies, and more. Learn more here
  •  Sustainability solutions - Whether you’re pursuing LEED Certification, or simply trying to be a little greener,
•  we can help you navigate the road to sustainability. Learn more
GPO Affiliation

We can provide you with the benefits of GPO affiliation, even if you’re not a member of a GPO. Our GPO affiliations include:

•  Amerinet
•  Healthtrust
•  MedAssets

•  Novation
•  Premier

If You’re Ready to Learn More, Call us at 800-322-0992, or Contact Us, and we’ll schedule a consultation with one of our healthcare specialists.


  • FPC Distribution, 6630 Amberton Drive, Elkridge, MD 21075  
  • Tel: (410) 579-1000   |   Fax: (410) 540-4148   |   Email Us