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Sell More Frozen Cocktails This Summer

Did you know that frozen cocktails and smoothies are the most profitable items that you can sell at your bar or restaurant? That’s right – what else can you sell that returns at least 600% profit per serving?
It’s hard to believe that with all that potential profit, some bartenders and servers still don’t like making and serving frozen drinks--some say they're messy, take too long to make, and some servers report complaints from customers. If you're a bartender or a server, complaints mean NO TIP!
It doesn't have to be that way. If your drinks are easy to make, have a consistently good taste and appearance, and are promoted properly, you will succeed in the frozen drink business.
 3 "must haves" for a successful frozen program:
The Proper Mix - Look for an all-in-one, shelf stable mix that’s rich in natural fruit puree. Don't start from scratch, or add “secret” ingredients - if you do, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Your drinks will be hard to make, inconsistent in taste and appearance, and that will bring complaints. A shelf-stable mix means you’ll never lose drink sales because your mix is “thawing out” in the sink.
Finally, find a mix that won’t separate after it's blended—a drink that separates while still on a server’s tray results in a disappointed customer.
Efficient, Properly Sized Equipment--Blenders, visual freezers, ice shavers, and base/flavor machines all make great drinks As long as they’re sized correctly for your type of business, there’s no reason to spend a fortune on drink machines. 
Regardless of the type of equipment you choose, your equipment should be sized for your anticipated peak serving time. In other words, if you're planning to serve $2.99 Margaritas on Friday nights, a tabletop blender will never keep up with your orders.
Blenders are fine for light-duty use, but look for a machine with programmable speed control and automatic shut-off. The variable speed creates a great textured drink, and the auto-shut off frees up your bartenders so that they can take care of other customers and still make perfect frozen drinks.
Attractive, Customizable Merchandising Material - It doesn’t matter how good your drinks are, or how efficient your equipment is - if your patrons can’t see what your drinks look like, they won’t buy them. Look for a supplier that  provides full color table tents, posters, and menus to help you sell your drinks. Customizable signage allows you to add signature names to house favorites. Your drinks will sell themselves. 
Royale and FPC have teamed up to provide you with everything you need to launch a successful and profitable frozen beverage program. Our beverage specialists will help you select the mixes, equipment, and the merchandising material that is best suited for your type of business.
Give us a call today at 800-322-0992 and ask to speak to a  beverage specialist, or better yet, click here, and ask for a taste test at your location!


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  • FPC Distribution, 6630 Amberton Drive, Elkridge, MD 21075  
  • Tel: (410) 579-1000   |   Fax: (410) 540-4148   |   Email Us